3 Hands You Need to Fold Pre-Flop pg777 autoslot


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There are some pretty simple axioms that can be followed when you’re playing pg777 autoslot. When you get pocket Aces, you’ve GOT to play them strongly (OK, at least 99% of the time), otherwise you allow opponents into the hand that might sneak up and crack your bullets. Likewise, there are hands – like the infamous “Hammer,” the 7-2 – and others that shouldn’t be touched but in the most extreme circumstances. There are some hands, however, that many people play that they really shouldn’t. Here’s three of those choices and a good reasoning as to why you shouldn’t fall into the trap of playing them during a game.

The Jack-10 is a very versatile hand at first look. It is the only two card combination that can solidly make four nut straights (Broadway, King-high, Queen-high or Jack-high straight, all are the “nuts” when it comes to potential straight combinations) and, when suited, it does allow for someone to “float” a flop bet if there are two other matching suits on the flop (especially if they are an Ace-King or Ace-Queen on the flop). Where the problems come in is when you have to play post-flop.

If you get a flop that contains a Jack, you’ve got a pair but a weak kicker to someone who might be playing an Ace-Jack or even a King-Jack (hands that may get played especially in late positions after a raise). Matching your ten doesn’t do any good, either, as the Jack kicker is difficult to see as being the best against an Ace-10 or King-10 (see above). If the flush draw comes up with cards beneath the Jack-10, you have three potential hands that can clip you – Ace-King, Ace-Queen and King-Queen – plus you’ve got to dodge someone who rides their off suit Ace for a potential four flush.

In essence, you’ve got to hit perfectly and hope that someone comes along with you, ignoring the potential straight potential of your hand and chasing something that might beat you. If you don’t connect at all, there’s no way that you can continue and, although you might be able to bluff at an Ace-high flop that hits the felt, you’re going to be pitching chips in the pot with hope and prayer rather than solid reasoning. It would be best to minimize the risk and perhaps use those chips when you are either in a better position or with better cards.


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