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Many Asian women, like me, have issues with doing our makeup. Using Asian makeup techniques will produce better results than doing it the way other ethnic groups might do their makeup. If you are looking forward to botox and fillers webster tx

That’s been my experience anyway. Through lots and lots of trial and error! But great things came from those early mistakes.To illustrate my point, think of the traditional smokey eye that uses blue or purple eye shadow. More often than not, this will leave us Asian women looking bruised. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely not the look I’m after!

Like me, you are probably looking for that mysterious, sexy, intense eye makeup for a fun evening out, or soft, natural, and fresh eye makeup for the day.

Some of the things you will learn with this guide will be: how to choose the right makeup for your skin tone and how to choose the best eye makeup techniques to make your eyes the center of attention. You’ll also learn how to highlight your cheekbones.

“But what if I don’t have cheekbones?” you might ask. I can’t help but smile every time someone says that. Of course you have cheekbones, silly goose!

Seriously though, don’t worry. There are ways of getting your cheeks to look more chiseled and prominent even if you don’t already have those “high cheekbones.”

I hope you will find this guide useful for bringing out the best in each of your facial features.

Choosing a Foundation

I don’t know about you, but I used to fear using any foundation that had a yellow undertone. I thought to myself, “Why would I use yellow-based foundation on already ‘yellow skin?’ Wouldn’t that just make me look even more yellow?!” I”ll just keep using that thick, pink based foundation my mom has to cancel out the yellow in my skin.

Little did I know, the pink-based foundation always lent an unnatural cast to my skin. It reminded me of a china doll. Not the look I was after!

Happily, one day as I was perusing Bobbi Brown’s first makeup book, she endorsed using yellow foundation on all women. Yes, that’s right! Yellow based foundation. She was extolling the virtues of blending foundation with your natural skin tone so as to make it flawless. Why not give it a shot? I had nothing to lose.

So I went to a makeup counter and gave it a try. I asked the salesperson to show me yellow based foundation. She swiped two different foundations on the side of my face, and one of them blended perfectly! I purchased that one and saw how it just made my skin look smooth and dreamy. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just visit your local makeup counter and test them yourself. Step out into the light with a compact mirror and see how it looks.

The good news is that many makeup lines, besides Asian makeup lines, that offer yellow or golden-based foundations. Bobbi Brown is a good line. You don’t have to buy a high-end brand though.

There are drugstore makeup brands as well. No need for you to spend a lot of money to get what you want.

If you’re looking for an in depth analysis on choosing and applying foundation, go to the left navigation bar and click on face makeup.

Asian Eye Makeup

I know there are those of us who have the eyelid crease, called the double eyelid. Then, there are those that do not have the eyelid crease, called a monolid.

Rest assured, there are easy ways to enhance both types of eyelid.

Generally, the best way to do Asian eye makeup involves contouring a few shades of eyeshadow. Even if your eye lid area looks rather flat, this will help you, too! Contouring also opens up your eye area and gives you the appearance of “larger eyes.”

If you want to find out the best tips on Asian eye makeup, an entire page is dedicated to just that.

A Word About Eyelashes..

Asian eyelashes are often sparse, straight, coarse and slope downward. I cannot go on enough about how much benefit you can derive from curling your eyelashes. It seriously opens up your eye area. My favorite one is Revlon Cushion-Grip Lash Curler. It is gold colored with black slots to insert your fingers. It’s very springy and easily curls your lashes. I’m crazy about it!!

I know some women have difficulty using regular eyelash curlers because the curler is unable to get close to the lash line. For you ladies, I would recommend a product called Japonesque Go Curl Pocket Lash Curler. It is compact and is able to reach all of your lashes. It costs a bit more than a typical eyelash curler, but the difference in quality shows.

Recommended Eyeshadow Colors

Eyeshadow colors can be fun to experiment with. You don’t always have to stick with the same old stuff, like brown and black. You should try on more fun colors, like blue and deep purple. Don’t worry. You don’t have to apply it all over the eyelid. Use it as an eyeliner instead. You still get luscious color that enhances your eyes, without looking ridiculous. Applying color sparingly will make these colors more versatile for Asian eyes.

If you want to know which eyeshadow colors are your best bet, and which colors to avoid, here’s my advice:

-Avoid orange or reddish eyeshadow. Even brown eyeshadow with orange or reddish undertones look unflattering on Asian skin.

-Choose grays, silver, deep midnight blues, deep chocolates, eggplant, jungle green.

Asian Makeup for Eyebrows

Shaping and filling in the eyebrows is an important step in Asian makeup for opening up the eye area. I would suggest to forgo using an eyebrow pencil. It gives off a heavier appearance and can overpower a delicate Asian face. Opt for a brown eyeshadow instead. Use a slanted eye makeup brush to fill in your brows. If you need more detailed advice on how to deal with your eyebrows, go to the left navigation bar and click on eye makeup tips.

Getting Cheeky with Asian Makeup

Having glowing cheeks that exude warmth is something all of us want. We can all benefit from using blush. My favorite colors are pink and apricot. A good rule of thumb for applying blush in Asian makeup is:

-If you have a wide face, apply the blush higher up on the cheek bone. Do not apply it on the apple of your cheeks.

-For those with a narrow face, apply the blush on the apples and sweep back slightly.

If you want to find out more about contouring your face, learn how to use bronzer by clicking on face makeup.

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