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London is a city buzzing with culture, art, music, literature and life! Wherever you go, from the elegant streets of Kensington, to the animated clubs and bars in Soho- there’s always something to see and do in London. With the intimidating high volume of things to see and do it’s hard to navigate between where to go and where to avoid, however here are 5 things you don’t want to miss on your trip to the capital;

A trip to the capital can be expensive if you don’t choose your destinations wisely. Extra costs sneak up on you, from the expense of using the underground religiously to the overpriced café’s that target tourists like you- you need to make a concreted effort to make sure you’re not spending money when you don’t have to. Despite London possessing the reputation for being expensive, there is an abundance of sights and attractions for free! If you’re fortunate enough to catch the rare spec of decent weather in London, then head to Regents Park! If you’re greeted with the infamous rainy showers of London, then take refuge from the rain in the National History Museum free of charge. Step back in time to the prehistoric era with the dinosaur exhibition, and find yourself trembling at the giant mobile Brachiosaurus!

Whoever said museums are boring are clearly yet to make a trip to the Welcome Museum! – a museum which showcases the out-of-the ordinary, gripping and intriguing aspects of humanity such as the “Superhuman” exhibition. Delving into some of man’s most pressing questions and issues; the Welcome Museum isn’t a museum that will send you to sleep. Quite the opposite, it will provoke fascination, intrigue and reflection!

If you ask any Londoner they’ll advise you to walk rather than brace the busy tube, particularly at peak hours, if you can avoid it! Walking around London also supplies endless sights, scenes and perfect photo opportunities, and you’ll be surprised how many things you’ll see on foot and how many things you’ll recognise along the way. By taking on London by foot, there are many sights and attractions to see and do! Find yourself at the heart of a lively market, bustling with people and life. London has many markets, amongst them is Portabello market! Located in the fashionable area of Notting Hill, every weekend Portabello road explodes with a variety of stalls selling everything from antiques to vinyl records!

All around the capital you’ll see stations of blue “Boris” bikes, a great alternative to the busy and frantic underground, if you’re brave enough to ride one of course! Introduced in pursuit of producing a greener city, reduce your carbon footprint and go on a bike ride round London! Owned by international bank Barclays, the bike hire doesn’t require any booking before using- you just turn up and go, no hassle! Although, if you want to be really organized you can become a member online beforehand, or alternatively you can buy access at a docking station. Easy and simple, the Boris bikes makes for a fun day out!

The iconic St Pauls cathedral that dominates London skyline is definitely worth a visit! Emblematic of the city’s history and culture, St. Paul’s cathedral is amongst one of London’s most significant monuments, acting as not just a cathedral but also as a learning centre, place for debate and art! You’ll be rendered speechless by the remarkable English Baroque architecture of the 17th century church.


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