Dose acne not squeeze a good or squeeze in the end?



Anyone tell you not to squeeze acne, in fact, the doctor said there is no absolute acne do not squeeze, but to squeeze scientifically. Now I would like to tell you: squeeze without leaving any traces of the safety guidelines.

Preparation Tool:

Soft skin make-up water, youth baseball, pulling acne mask, eyebrows small folder folder

  1. Before squeeze acne, the hand must be cleaned, it is best spent horny mask, so that the cuticle has become soft, acne more easily squeezed out.

However, there is inflammation, then scrub acne when not to rub it in mind. Ready to hand combat smallpox, the best make-up water and then rubbed with a. After washing his face, it is necessary to place squeeze do not wipe anything, especially not to use the convergence of makeup water, it will shrink pores, acne squeezed harder. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

As regards the use of youth baseball, we must first make-up sprinkling fine or clean water disinfection. Squeeze acne youth baseball when exposed to a lesser extent, will not affect or harm to the normal skin acne next. However, the beginning of use, may not be easy, but some people forget that if youth baseball clean, out of the past remain in the above acne pus, and then spread to the next one acne, somewhat like the incidence of communicable diseases.

  1. First soft scrub brush make-up water, Squeeae acne easier.

To deal with the stubborn determination of acne, skin softness to rub lotion, you will find them particularly vulnerable to congestion, just as when the removal of facial acne, we must soften the skin’s beauty, like liquid truth.

Acne “renewable” 6 taboo

1, to squeeze acne: the acne’s pus or white grease squeezed out, I feel like the acne will get better faster, but if the extrusion tools without proper disinfection methods of error, but there is more embarrassing swelling, inflammation, causing pit, spots, such as bloodshot.

2, over-steamed face.

3, Excessive sun protection, the use of high factor sunscreen, but will increase the burden on the skin, resulting in the formation of acne.

4, lack of sleep, stay up all night.

5, nervous bored easily increase the oil secretion.

6, consumption of stimulating foods.

Angry is a lethal skin grow melasma

With the pace of modern life, many people because the pressure is too large and often angry. As the saying: big temper a lot of harm to body. Siltation temper inside of the body do not know how the toxin will have it! Like angry person is unhealthy, not beautiful, but also very difficult to find happiness. Therefore, in order to health and beauty, please do not do, because life will affect the beauty, look at the angry to make the skin grow melasma.


Medical staff on the 5000 women face stain studies have shown that when they are feeling low, any drug for the treatment of stain seems unsatisfactory, and when some of them women, improve interpersonal relationships, their melasma can be self-healing.


“When a large number of people angry the blood into the face, then less oxygen in the blood, toxins increase. The toxin can stimulate hair follicles, causing hair follicles around the varying degrees of deep inflammation, resulting in skin problems, such as stain.” Medical staff analyzed.


When you are unhappy with the time, may wish to separate the legs, breathing, hands-ping example. This posture can adjust the physical state, so that toxins eliminated from the body.






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