I guess my posts are showing up out of 에볼루션카지. Sooner or later one will arrive in which my 11AM satellite life undergoes a startling turn for the better. Obviously it wasn’t enough, though it was a bit of a rush to quadruple up over the course of two hands.

Half an hour until the last satellite starts. Just enough time to digest my BLT and down some sweet, sweet Gatorade.

…and my stack just fell through it. I was down to near 4000 when another shortstack pushed. I had 22 and was pretty sure it was a race. He had AJo. Flopped an ace, turned a flush.

Not a bad experience all in all. My inclusive list of playable hands appears here:

AJo JJ 77 55 22 KJo A8o (when desperate)

…and that is that. About four hours of play. I’m beginning to get the sense that you need to catch a couple of cards to place in these things.

Will try again at 7PM.

…but it’s a little easier when there’s poker to be played. I’m no longer used to rising at 8AM, and neither is Commerce – none of the sit-down restaurants are open yet, nor the deli, so I’m trying to figure out what I can scavenge from the donut stand. I could go with tacos but they’re not looking good at the moment. Not that they ever are.

The stairs are also out of order, for some reason – carpet cleaning crews set up what looks like one dehumidifier/fan to cover, oh, about an acre of carpet – so getting up to the ballroom takes a substantial elevator wait. The line upstairs isn’t running terribly efficiently either, but I’ve got my seat with a little time to kill. I expect there’ll be at least 25 tables, maybe more – one of the tourney directors said they already sold 15 tables’ worth and the line is currently growing every minute.

I’m once again cautiously optimistic. Structure permitting (and I hope it’s better than the $225 rebuy supers) my game is pretty well geared toward outlasting 90% of the field already so at least I’m not nervous about it.

Okay, maybe a little nervous. But I’ve got another shot if the first one goes awry.

Second hand: all-in behind me for about 1500. I reraise all-in with JJ. One caller behind with TT. Original pusher has KJ. No K and all of a sudde I’m alive.



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