Interesting Facts to know about Liturgical Books and Accessories


Before you begin reading this article ask yourself if you are a religious person? Either way it may be and even if you’re not you are going to enjoy this article since we are going to talk about fun and interesting facts about liturgical books and accessories that will complement your general knowledge. In the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, the primary liturgical books are the Roman Missal and the Roman Breviary. In terms of accessories, these can be plates, candles, and a crucifix. Keep on reading and understand all there’s to it down below.

What is liturgy?

This term applies to anything that is performed publicly and within groups as a form of a ritual for a specific religion. For Catholics, this can be the service when wine and crackers, also known as the blood and body of Christ are given. It is something that happens in the proper religious place or facility, such as (in this case) a church. This is why certain items or accessories can be linked and deeply connected with your religion more so than others.

8 Interesting Facts to know about Liturgical Books and Accessories

1. Understand the clothing

You’ll often see priests and other clergy members wearing unique shirts, types of dresses, or robes when expressing their thoughts on religion. All of these items look different since it is vital to recognize and tell apart different members of the community. This is why priests have specific garments. Clerical clothing is usually made from low-maintenance textiles like linen, polyester, or cotton.

2. Their history and origin

Always, the server brings the sacramentary to the priest so that he might recite the opening prayer. The reader approaches the ambo and reads from the lectionary. In the early church, worship was conducted by improvisation. Everything was heavily influenced by rituals and texts practiced by the Jewish synagogue.

3. What are different liturgical books?

The Roman Rites have officially issued books that contain the words of the prayers that one has to recite.

The primary liturgical books are:

  1. The Roman Missal
  2. The Roman Pontifical
  3. The Roman Ceremonial of Bishops
  4. The Roman Divine Office
  5. The Roman Rituals
  6. The Roman Martyrology
  7. The Roman Memorial of Rites

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