Warren Cloud Gags The Casino Malaysia


Warren Cloud may well have gagged the Casino Malaysia – but Warren Cloud cannot gag the blogosphere. The Casinomeister Bryan Bailey has had to remove all mention of Warren Cloud from his casino watchdog forum, most likely via lawyers advice. I doubt that will last long, the Meister (Bryan Bailey) will bite back 1 day.

In the meantime, the blogosphere will take up the slack, where rogue operators try to gag the truth. Warren Cloud will regret attempting to gag the blogosphere if he tries to. Witnessed by the factual post below by the 100% gambling blog editor.

Warren Cloud, the biggest and apparently most successful of the Real Time Gaming slot online operators, has a chequered history in the online gambling business and his ten casinos are the source of frequent player complaints in the various online gambling fora.

The biggest problem with the Warren Cloud casinos is as follows:

If your account at ANY ONE of them has been locked by the management, for whatever reason, you are ineligible for promotional bonuses at any and all of the other nine casinos.

On the face of it, this would appear to be an acceptable rule for the casino to enforce.

However, there are two problems:

1) The fact of the “lock” on an account is NEVER communicated to the player – it is simply locked and left at that. As such, it’s extremely difficult for players to be aware of the fact, short of physically logging into each of their Cloud casino accounts to check its standing every time they contemplate playing at one of them – and how many players would have the patience to do this?

2) In spite of the player’s ineligibility to participate in promotions, personalised promotional email invitations are routinely mailed out to INELIGIBLE players, on a daily basis! These email invitations are addressed clearly and specifically to the player, with both the player’s name and casino username. This notwithstanding the fact that he is ineligible, and will have all winnings voided in the event he gets lucky.

♠ If I were to accept this promotion and win, I would have my winnings confiscated as a result of my ineligibility.

♠ If I were to accept this promotion and lose, the casino would keep my deposit.

♠ This is a lose / lose situation for the player.

♠ A cynical person might be tempted to argue that this situation has been DELIBERATELY engineered by the management of these casinos for the purpose of eliciting esentially risk-free deposits, deposits that can never generate winnings.

I would like to invite Warren Cloud to answer two questions:

1) WHY do you lock just one or two accounts? If you decide that a player is undesirable in some form or another, and that player has accounts at your other casinos, why do you not lock ALL of his or her accounts?

2) WHY do you invite these players to take part in promotions they are ineligible for?


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