When and How to Start Fixing Up The Winter Damage On Your Home


Now that Spring is on the horizon, it’s a good time to start thinking about fixing up the damage that winter may have caused to your home. Use the guide below to start planning today to get on top of the maintenance needed and get your property in the best possible condition for next Winter!

Assess Your Roof

One of your first jobs, when the milder weather blows in, is to check your roof (or have professionals get up there to have a look) for storm or snow damage. Roofs can be one of the most expensive parts of a property to fix, so spotting problems early could equal big savings, as well as preventing water damage to the inside of your house that could be both costly and difficult to repair.

For safety, stand at a distance from your property and inspect using a pair of binoculars to assess the condition of the roof.

Gauge the Gutters

Your next job is to sort out the gutters. Fall can cause a build-up of leaves and plant debris that can result in blockages, potentially leading to a flood or damage to the gutter itself as the weight of water builds up over time. Ice dams can form on roofs, too, in cold weather, and these can also pull down both the gutter and nearby shingles, causing further damage to the exterior of your property.

You may want to consider installing special heating cables in the parts of the gutters most likely to see ice dams building up or have gutter screens fitted; both this job and gutter clearing itself are tasks that you could hire a professional to undertake for you if required.

Look for Siding Damage

As soon as the worst of the weather is out of the way, it’s time to check the sidings of your house for damage that could have been caused by, for example, falling branches. If your siding is made of wood and cracks, this could cause a build-up of moisture and subsequent rot.

Look for bulging or loose edges, as these are tell-tale signs of damage to your siding; if you spot either of these things or other signs of problems, then get in touch with a professional as soon as possible. Siding is now usually available in a wide range of colors, meaning that you should be able to get a good match and so won’t need to replace such a large section.

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